How to Fertilize Parsley Properly

To grow parsley well in the garden or on the balcony, it needs a lot of nutrients Therefore, you need to fertilize your parsley the right way. It is also advisable to provide nutritious soil right at the time of sowing. Under no circumstances should you fertilize the herbs with fresh compost or manure. Parsley …

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How to Water Parsley Properly

It is important to water parsley carefully

The biggest mistake you can make when caring for parsley is wrong watering. The seasoning herb is really a bit squeamish in this respect. It is important to be careful when you water your parsley. The soil should not be too dry, but parsley does tolerate waterlogging even less than dryness. How to Water Parsley …

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Can You Grow Parsley On the Balcony Or Windowsill?

It is possible to grow parsley on a balcony or windowsill

To harvest fresh parsley, you do not need a garden. You can grow the popular seasoning herb easily on the balcony or in a pot on the windowsill. If you follow a few simple rules, fresh herbs will be available even in winter. Windowsill Or Balcony? Which is Better for Parsley? If you have the …

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Is Parsley Frost Hardy?

Parsley is frost hardy

In principle, perennial parsley is frost hardy regardless of its variety and can well do without frost protection. However, if it is in a very unfavorable location, it may be useful to spread light winter protection over the bed. Parsley is Hardy Parsley, whether smooth, curly, or mossy, is one of the frost hardy seasoning …

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How to Freeze Parsley

It is possible to freeze parsley

Fresh parsley can not be stored for a long time. If you have harvested too much parsley, you can either dry it or freeze it. When drying, the aroma is almost completely lost. Therefore, freezing is the better and gentler storage option. Read on to find the best tips on how to freeze parsley and …

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How to Cut Parsley Properly

It is important to cut parslye properly

Parsley grows better if you regularly cut a few stems to use in the kitchen. By cutting back, you stimulate the development of new leaves. The plant will then become nice and bushy. But you should also remove leaves that are wilted or infested with pests. Does Pruning Stimulate the Growth of Parsley? Cutting parsley …

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How to Care for Parsley Properly

Parsley is easy to care for

Parsley is generally considered to be very robust and easy to care for. However, the seasoning plant still has its own peculiarities. Only if the location and care are right, parsley will develop into beautiful bushy plants. So, how do you properly care for parsley in your garden? How to Water Parsley Properly? Watering is …

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