How to Freeze Parsley

Fresh parsley can not be stored for a long time. If you have harvested too much parsley, you can either dry it or freeze it.

When drying, the aroma is almost completely lost. Therefore, freezing is the better and gentler storage option. Read on to find the best tips on how to freeze parsley and parsley root.

Harvest Parsley at the Best Time

Because parsley is most aromatic just before flowering in its second year, cut biennial parsley plants in May or June just above the ground.

Pull the parsley roots out of the ground in late fall. However, you can also leave them in the ground as long as the ground is not frozen through.

How to Prepare Parsley Leaves for Freezing

To freeze parsley, you must first prepare the parsley leaves. Use the following steps to prepare the parsley for freezing:

  • Rinse the leaves off the stems
  • Let them dry in the air
  • If necessary, dry them with kitchen paper
  • Check for insects
  • Remove stems
  • If necessary, finely chop the leaves

The leaves must be as dry as possible for freezing.

You can also freeze the leaves uncut as a bundle. This will preserve the flavor better.

How to Freeze Parsley Leaves

Preferably, put the parsley leaves in small freezer bags that can be sealed airtight. There is usually too much air left in freezer containers.

Squeeze the filled freezer bags from back to front to let the air escape and then seal them.

Label the bag with the name and the date you froze the parsley.

How to Store Parsley Root

Parsley root will keep well if you store it in a very cool, dark place. However, the root should not be cleaned, as this will cause it to wilt more quickly and become inedible.

When frozen, parsley root loses its hearty flavor. If you still want to freeze parsley root, cut the cleaned root into small pieces and freeze them in a freezer bag.

Blanching, which is often recommended, is not necessary. It only reduces cooking time later because the roots soften more quickly.

How Long Can Parsley Keep in the Freezer?

Frozen parsley will keep for several months as long as the cold chain is not interrupted.

If the parsley has been thawed or defrosted, you should use it up and not refreeze it.

How to Use Frozen Parsley in the Kitchen

Parsley from the freezer is so tender that it defrosts very quickly. You don’t need to take it out of the freezer until just before you are ready to use it.

If you want to use the parsley in curd dishes, just stir in the frozen herbs. They will thaw all by themselves.

If the parsley is to be sprinkled over potatoes, fish, or other dishes, crumble the still-frozen herb with your fingers. Then sprinkle it over dishes as you would fresh parsley.

How to Best Freeze Parsley in Small Portions

For many dishes, you only need a little parsley as a seasoning herb. Therefore, to freeze parsley in small portions, use the ice cube tray.

Fill each cube with chopped parsley and let it freeze through. Squeeze the frozen cubes out of the container and store them in a freezer bag in the freezer.