How to Care for Basil Properly

Basil care is relatively easy

Don’t rack your brains any longer about the right care for your basil. Here you will get all the important answers for the successful cultivation of basil in the garden and on the balcony. How to Water Basil Properly Balanced watering is one of the mainstays of basil care. The herb plant does not tolerate …

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What Really Matters When Planting Basil

Planting basil needs some precautions

In the cultivation of herb plants in the hobby garden, basil occupies a special position. If you want to successfully grow basil yourself, you should take some important aspects to heart when planting and growing it. How to Pre-Grow Basil Properly If you want to grow this heat-loving herb yourself, it is best to do …

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How to Fertilize Basil for Growth and Full Flavor

It is important to fertilize basil regularly

Basil is truly not a poor eater. Unlike other types of herbs, its nutrient requirements are at a high level. Therefore, it is important to know how to fertilize basil properly in the bed and pot. How to Fertilize Basil in the Bed In terms of nutrient requirements, basil stands out as a heavy eater …

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How to Plant Basil Outdoors

Plant basil outdoors when the temperatures are right

The aroma of fresh basil grown at home can’t be topped. The herb plant develops its optimum outdoors in the fresh air, caressed by warm rays of sunshine. Here we tell you how to plant your basil outdoors. How to Plant Basil Outdoors Temperatures below 60 °F (16 °C) do not do justice to the …

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How to Propagate Basil Through Cuttings

Basil cuttings can be used for propagation

Every vital, healthy basil shoot has what it takes to become an independent herb plant. In the following, we will explain to you how to grow a new basil plant from cuttings within a short period of time. How to Cut Basil Cuttings Properly The propagation of basil by means of cuttings aims at the …

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Why Does My Parsley Turn Yellow?

Parsley can turn yellow

The leaves of your parsley, which just looked so beautiful green, suddenly turn yellow. The culprit is damage to the leaves and roots, which some gardeners refer to as the parsley disease. How can you prevent your parsley turn yellow and what can you do so that your parsley grows well and thrives? Four Possible …

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How to Sow Parsley

Parsley is rther easy to sow

It is absolutely not difficult to sow parsley. Far more difficult for impatient gardeners is to have enough patience until the seeds germinate. This can sometimes take several weeks. But it is somewhat faster if you water the seeds beforehand. Interesting Facts About Sowing Parsley If you want to successfully sow your parsley, you should …

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How to Plant and Grow Parsley

Parsley is relatively easy to plant and grow

Parsley requires some tact if you want to plant the aromatic herb in the garden. If you find a good location and properly care for parsley, you will harvest many aromatic leaves. What Location Does Parsley Need? The requirements for the right location for parsley are easy to meet. Just pay attention to the following …

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Can You Still Eat Parsley When It Starts to Bloom?

Do not eat parsley when it starts to bloom

Unlike many other seasoning plants, parsley is no longer edible after blooming. The culprit is the high content of poisonous apiol and the high concentration of essential oils, which poisons the leaves. Once the parsley starts to bloom, you should pull it out and dispose of it. When Does Parsley Bloom? Parsley is a perennial …

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How to Harvest Parsley Properly

Always harvest parsley the right way

Parsley and parsley roots are among the most popular seasoning herbs that you can harvest almost all year round. But what do you need to consider when you want to properly harvest parsley in your garden or from your balcony? When to Harvest Parsley You can harvest parsley all year round. Parsley growing in the …

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