Bergamot (Monarda) – The Complete Guide

Bergamot (Monarda)

With elegance and beguiling fragrance, bergamot (Monarda didyma) and wild bergamot (Monarda fistulosa) transform your summer garden into a sea of flowers. These secret queens of herbs, spices, teas, and aromatic plants hold court in your perennial bed without requiring any horticultural feats. The bergamot is also known as beebalm, horsemint, and mountain mint, depending …

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Scabious (Scabiosa) – The Complete Guide

Scabious (Scabiosa)

With delicate lightness, its delicate flowers dance above a bushy mop of leaves. The scabious enchants as an elf-like perennial in cottage gardens and summer borders. Learn how to elicit a never-ending bloom from this graceful flower beauty. Planting Scabious Properly May is planting time for home-grown or ready-bought scabious, also known as pincushion flower. …

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Hostas (Hosta) – The Complete Guide

Hostas (Hosta)

With their breathtaking presence, hostas transform shady to semi-shady garden sites into green islands of opulence. These foliage-decorating perennials leave nothing to be desired when they add their fragrant blooms in summer. If you still have unanswered questions about the care and planting of hostas, also known as plantain lilies, you can find the answers …

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Maidenhair (Muehlenbeckia) – The Complete Guide

Maidenhair (Muehlenbeckia)

Muehlenbeckia or maidenhair species are popular shrubs that are often planted outdoors. But not every representative of this genus is suitable for outdoor cultivation in mild regions. Each species has adapted to different climatic conditions with its growth habit. Origin Muehlenbeckia is a genus of plants that includes more than 20 different species. Their main …

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Astilbe (Astilbe) – The Complete Guide

Astilbe (Astilbe)

Even gardening beginners will receive envious glances over the garden fence with the magnificent astilbe. In order for the astilbe to transform sunny, semi-shady to shady areas into a summery sea of flowers, the perennial has only a few care requirements. Care tips If the astilbe, also known as false goat’s beard or false spirea, …

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Squills (Scilla) – The Complete Guide

Squills (Scilla)

With a dainty 4 inches (10 cm) height of growth, the squill unfolds an amazing presence in the spring garden. While some of the graceful flower species run out of steam by the end of April, other Scilla species are on hand for early summer bloom. Planting Squills Properly As a typical bulbous flower, planting …

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