Windflower (Anemone) – The Complete Guide

Windflower (Anemone)

When colorful carpets of flowers gently sway in the wind, the anemone spreads its delicate magic. The delicate flower thrives along mighty hedges or at the foot of deciduous trees with planting and care effort within manageable limits. Planting Anemone Anemone will thrive and bloom effortlessly if you plant the flower in March/April or August/September …

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Spur Flower (Plectranthus) – The Complete Guide

Spur flower (Plectranthus)

The spur flower (Plectranthus) is not related to the real frankincense tree (Boswellia) but exudes a very similar, wonderfully ethereal-spicy fragrance. It is a real sensory delight on sunny seats on the balcony, terrace, or even in the living room! Origin The spur flower belongs to the large genus of herbaceous perennial plants with the …

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Velvetleafs (Abutilon) – The Complete Guide

Velvetleafs (Abutilon)

With tropical blooms beautiful, velvetleafs (Abutilon), also known as Indian mallows, conjure up a paradisiacal ambience on the summer balcony. On the creative windowsill, the exotic beauty with its colorful campanulate flowers is a welcome guest. Behind its capricious appearance, you will find a low-maintenance and long-lasting tub plant. Planting Velvetleafs Since the non-hardy velvetleaf …

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Callas (Calla) – The Complete Guide

Callas (Calla)

With colorful funnel flowers, callas create an exotic ambience on the windowsill and in the garden. Their African origin, the different flowering times, and unorthodox facets of their cultivation raise questions about the calla lily. We will answer all your questions here in a compact and practical way. Planting Callas Correctly Plant summer-flowering callas in …

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