California Lilac (Ceanothus) – The Complete Guide

California lilac (Ceanothus)

No, this is not a species of lilac (Syringa), even though its bushy panicle flowers look quite similar. However, the California lilac can enrich your garden in an equally decorative way. It also serves as a valuable insect pasture and is generally pleasantly low-maintenance. Origin The California lilac, botanically Ceanothus, is also commonly called soap …

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Waxflowers (Hoya) – The Complete Guide

Waxflower (Hoya)

With its white or red flower balls, composed of countless waxy star-shaped flowers, the hoya, also known as waxflower, waxplant, or waxvine, spreads tropical flair on the windowsill. The splendor of the flowers is accompanied by heart-shaped, oval, or elongated, leathery leaves. Behind the exotic silhouette hides a low-maintenance, climbing houseplant. Care Tips It is …

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